Do you have a store front?
We are an online business based out of Tomball Texas.
We do have pop up boutique events around the city on occasion and list them on our site in advance of the date. If there is an item that you see online that you would like to see at a pop up boutique event, simply message us and we will be happy to take the item (s) to the show. 

Do you offer Payment Plans?
We are happy to offer payment plans at no additional fee to you but we are VERY strict on how payments are to be made.
For items over $500, we offer 20% down non-refundable deposit with bi-monthly payments for up to 3 months via PayPal and you are allowed to CHOOSE THE DATE. However, if payments are not received on your chosen date, the item and ALL monies will be forfeited - there is NO grace period. Once the final payment is made in FULL, the item is then given to you.

How will I be billed and what payment types do you accept?
We invoice through Pay Pal and all credit cards are accepted

Where does Got2HaveLV get product?
Got2HaveLV has several sources but the main source is a wholesaler in Las Vegas, Nevada - this is the same wholesaler who supplies Dillard's and Macy's.
We also buy from auctions, other re-sellers, as well as from individuals.

LV doesn't offer certificates of authenticity - how are you able to offer them and how do we know the items are in fact authentic?
There are several companies that offer certificates of authenticity after a rigorous inspection of specific photos of the item.
When buying from our regular wholesaler, the certificates automatically come with the items we purchase. As for the other items purchased from various sources, we have purchased and use the same company "Entrupy" to authenticate those items.

Can you authenticate an item I have?
We are happy to authenticate your Louis Vuitton item using our authenticating machine for $25.00. We would need to schedule a time and place to meet in person to be able to authenticate your item. Once the confirmation of authentication is complete, we will send you the certificate that you can print.

Want to sell?
Are you looking to sell an authentic pre-loved LV item that you no longer want?
We do buy from individuals from time to time and would love to see what you have to offer.  A few things to keep in mind, we do not take items that are cracking, peeling, sticky, have a smell or have been repaired by anyone other than Louis Vuitton. Please contact me and we can discuss in further detail.

Do you accept returns?
We do not accept returns - all items are sold as a final sale. We take photos and list out everything we can see on each item and are willing to send more photos of an item prior to the sale if requested.

Do you offer other items besides Louis Vuitton?
We do have access to other high end items such as Chanel, Fendi, Hermes, Ferragamo, MCM but currently do not carry them in our line.

You don't have a Louis Vuitton item I am wanting - can you help me find it?
We have access to several sources and are willing to help you find that perfect item for a finders fee of 10% but we do not offer a payment plan for these items. We will need to know the name of the item, a photo of what you are looking for, your budget and what condition you want the item to be in (ie - scuffs and rubs are okay, light water marks are okay, light staining on the interior is okay).Once an item is found and you agree on it, we will then require full payment up front.