My Story

I am a simple girl who LOVES all things girly and absolutely loves a BARGAIN!


My name is Debbie and I have been married for over thirty years and have three adult children (a son and twin daughters). I worked in the limited art industry for almost 25 years prior to my career change in 2020. My goal for my new venture is to help people find the high end items they've GOT2HAVE and get a great bargain. 

(Me gifting my grand-daughter to be her very first Pre-loved  bag - Papillon)

Over the past few years, I have collected PRE-LOVED Louis Vuitton handbags, wallets, etc.

(Absolutely gorgeous PRE-LOVED Keepall 50)

Why Louis Vuitton? - They have been around over 150 years in the industry, quality of the bags and the many different designs that never go out of style while holding their value.

Why Pre-loved?- Buying PRE-LOVED means a few things to me...

#1 you can get more because you aren't paying new prices

#2 you can let someone else cry over that first blemish on a bag before letting it go so once you purchase it, all you have to do is LOVE it!

(Hard at work adding a Chantilly to the database, site, FB, Instagram, etc)

I was introduced to a contact with a high end hand bag wholesaler, who by the way also sells  PRE-LOVED to Dillards and Macys. After some careful consideration I thought I would start this business and help others in obtaining beautiful pre-loved authentic bags at a fraction of retail prices.

(Absolutely stunning Zippy Wallet)

I wanted to make sure people know what they were buying is indeed authentic. When you buy from me, you will get a Certificate of Authenticity backed by industry experts using AI algorithms that analyze products to determine authenticity.

In addition to that, I invoice via PayPal so you as the consumer are protected.

Although all I primarily promote currently is Louis Vuitton, I am able to offer other high end handbags like Chanel, Hermes, Fendi, Gucci, etc.

(Getting an order ready for a client)

(A thank you note from a first time buyer)

 Since I am a small business, I obviously don't have EVERYTHING anyone would want but I am more than happy to help you find that PERFECT bag that you've GOT2HAVE.

 Start shopping now to start your own pre-loved collection today while getting a bargain.